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We've got your back.

Backed by Solid ADHD Research

Receive a comprehensive review of your child's ADHD symptoms
and get an action plan within days.

Your AI-Powered Ally in ADHD Parenting.

Help your child reach their full potential with ADHD.
Launching in January 2024 - join and be among the first invited.


Reported improvement in child's behavior

9 of 10

Feel they are better, skilled parents


Witness boost in child's self-esteem

Your companion for ADHD child care


Real-time Pro Answers

Ask for advice on our chat, get real-time answers and strategies tailored for you and your child, based on the latest research and expert guidelines. Just like talking to an ADHD specialist - without the waiting list.


Parents are saying:

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My experience was instantly positive. I was hesitant about giving my 5yo medication and felt truly seen and heard

Stephanie Goldberg, mother of a 5yr old boy with ADHD

Pery’s experts are here to guide you

Specialized ADHD behavioral and clinical professionals

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"We dedicate ourselves to becoming your family's trusted partner in ADHD care, offering evidence-based guidance and support to improve your child's future."

Dr. Mairav Cohen-Zion
Manager, Pery’s ADHD Experts team

Education Coaching
A child-facing training aimed at developing study strategies suitable for ADHD and boosting confidence
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Medical Consultation
Get an expert's opinion, medication reviews, and guidance on side effects & interactions
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Parent Skills Building
Develop parenting strategies to more effectively address your child's ADHD symptoms
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Ethan’s parents created a school environment suited to his needs.

Pery helped them apply for a 504 plan. This secured extended time on projects and more breaks, leading to improved grades.

Pery’s ADHD journey

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Get a comprehensive review of your child's ADHD symptoms following a short intake
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Get access to Pery's app, offering real-time, personalized support and strategies
Download the app
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Developed by our ADHD experts, Pery's chat offers real-time advice tailored for your child
Get real time advice
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Generate letters to your child's school or physician, instantly fill an IEP application, and more
Smart AI tools
Pery’s experts are here to help your child Thrive with ADHD.
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