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Billed $29 Monthly

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Billed $228 Annually

Navigating ADHD Medications Confidently

Navigating the ADHD medication landscape can be daunting. Connect with medical professionals specialized in ADHD medications. They'll offer insights and advice, guiding you through potential treatments and their implications.


What to Expect: Sessions will involve discussing potential medication options, understanding their side effects, receiving guidance on dosage and timing, and addressing any concerns or questions about the medication's impact on daily life.

*Medical Consultation sessions are available in FL, IL, MI, NJ, NY, VA and require Pery membership

Medical Consultation

Nicholas_Grumbach - Nicholas Grumbach.jpg

Dr. Nicholas Grumbach


Hear what parents have to say

"I was nervous about starting my daughter on medication. Pery's specialist guided us, ensuring we made informed decisions"

- Daniel T., Father of 10-year-old with ADHD

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