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Billed $29 Monthly

Best Value




Billed $228 Annually

Empowering Parents with ADHD-Focused Strategies

Dive deep into tailored strategies and techniques with our Parent Training experts who have dedicated their practice to understanding ADHD dynamics. Empower yourself with knowledge and actionable insights, turning daily challenges into moments of growth.

What to Expect:

In these sessions, parents will learn specific strategies tailored to their child's needs, understand common ADHD-related behaviors, and receive guidance on effective communication techniques that foster positive growth and understanding.

*Parent Skills Building sessions cost $99 and require Pery membership

Parents Skills Building


Raquel Behar

Parent Trainer

Hear what parents have to say

"Thanks to Pery, I've learned techniques tailored to my son's ADHD. Our home life has transformed. I finally feel equipped."

- Sarah M., Mother of 8-year-old with ADHD

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