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Pery's  Pricing  Plans

A subscription to Pery gets you the following and more.




Billed $29 Monthly

Best Value




Billed $228 Annually

Add-On Services

Book virtual sessions with ADHD specialists: guaranteed same-week availability starting from $99. Real expertise, fair pricing, accessible from home

Develop parenting strategies to more effectively address your child's ADHD symptoms, using hands-on techniques that improve daily functional abilities.

(Available Nationwide)

$99 per session

Parent Skills Building


You'll meet a specialist like:

Raquel Behar, Mental Health Therapist

Child and adolescent psychiatrists and family physicians specializing in childhood ADHD and mental health.

*Some insurances accepted.

(Available in FL, IL, MI, NJ, NY, VA)

Pricing varies*

Medical Consultation


You'll meet a specialist like:

Dr. Nicholas Grumbach, Pediatrician

Parent advocacy services support parents navigating ADHD challenges at school - guidance, resources and protecting rights in the educational system.

(Available Nationwide)

$199 per session

School Advocacy

Lisa Stewart (2)_edited.jpg

You'll meet a specialist like:

Lisa Stewart, advocate & IEP Coach

Child facing executive function training helps children with ADHD excel academically, using tools such as developing effective study strategies, and boost confidence.

(Available Nationwide)

$99 per session

Education Coaching


You'll meet a specialist like:

Meg Fischer

Pery' nutrition experts can help ensure your child’s nutritional needs are met through a balanced diet

(Available Nationwide)

$129 per session

Nutrition Education

pery-logo-star-circle (5).png

You'll meet a specialist like:


Comprehensive ADHD Symptom Review: Begin with an in-depth analysis of your child's symptoms.

Access to ADHD Specialists: Connect with professionals dedicated to ADHD care (add'l fees).

Ongoing Monitoring & Updates: Continuous assessment to ensure the plan evolves with your child.

Personalized Action Plan: Receive a tailored strategy based on your child's unique needs.

Real-time Parental Support: Get instant advice, strategies, and a safe place to vent.

Resources & Tools: Access curated materials, from communication techniques with schools to understanding IEPs and 504 plans.

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