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Pery's  Pricing  Plans




Billed $29 Monthly

Best Value




Billed $228 Annually

Setting Your Child Up for School Success

Every child deserves an accommodating educational environment. Our school advocacy specialists, with a keen understanding of ADHD, work with you to ensure your child’s academic setting is supportive of their unique needs.


What to Expect:

Parents will receive assistance in setting up IEP/504 plans, representation during school meetings, guidance on understanding their child's educational rights, and help in filling out necessary paperwork and forms.

*School Advocacy sessions cost $199 and require Pery membership

School System Advocacy

Lisa Stewart (2)_edited.jpg

Lisa Stewart

Advocate & IEP Coach

Hear what parents have to say

"School used to be a battleground. With Pery's advocacy, we got the accommodations my son needed. He's thriving now."

- Rebecca L., Mother of 12-year-old with ADHD

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