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Help your child reach their full potential With ADHD.

Launching in January 2024 -
join and be among the first invited.

Many ADHD care plans lack personalization, often applying one-size-fits-all approaches that miss nuances in children.

ADHD interventions can become outdated, failing to adapt as the child grows and their needs evolve.

Often broader aspects like environment and personal experiences are overlooked, resulting in generic solutions.

While families play a pivotal role in ADHD management, many care models don't adequately equip or involve them.

Typical  ADHD  Care vs. Pery

24 hours

Typical ADHD Care


Time to get actual help

Tailored, personal plan

Real time support and advice 

Modern ADHD assessment

Help with school communication

Holistic parenting strategies

Digital Companion

Fast access to ADHD specialists (add'l fees)

Pery is designed by clinical leaders in the ADHD field who specialize in the neurological, psychological and behavioral management of ADHD in children.

Founded the Stein Lab at Seattle Children's Hospital focusing on the latest ADHD research.


Dr. Mark Stein


A globally renowned authority on ADHD, with expertise in diagnosing, treating, and researching ADHD across all age ranges.


Dr. Margaret Weiss


Clinical Psychologist specializing in cognitive and behavioral therapies.


Dr. Mairav Cohen-Zion

VP of Science

Renowned ADHD   Experts

We know how it is.
We've been there.

We understand the need for ADHD treatment to be accessible, timely, and personalized. That's why we offer frequent parent check-ins, regular follow-up care, and quick support to help navigate flare-ups.

Gili Avital-Lang (COO)

Mother of 3 and a former Operations executive at NASDAQ companies

Ziv Elul (CEO)

Has passed on his entrepreneurial spirit and ADHD to his three children. He's an author, investor, and managerial coach.

Meir Amsellem (CTO)

Formerly Chief Architect in special projects and a Digital Health veteran

What sets  Pery  apart

- Stephanie Goldberg, mother of a 5yr old boy with ADHD

"I'm genuinely impressed. My experience with Pery was instantly positive. As a parent hesitant about giving my 5-year-old stimulant medication, I felt truly seen and heard — something that's hard to find these days."

Kids Notice and Feel the Change

Customized Care That Truly Understands

Parents Are Listened to Without Judgment

- Shared by John's mother

"Mom, since we started I kinda feel like things might get better. Maybe I won't be getting so upset about things so often."

- Jessica Reynolds, mother of an 8yr old girl with ADHD

"I was amazed at how Pery created a plan uniquely tailored for my daughter. The advice and tips provided weren’t just general recommendations – they felt truly personalized to her needs and our family dynamics. It's refreshing to finally have guidance that truly understands our situation"

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