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We're on a mission to change the way parents and kids thrive with ADHD. 


Workdays lost annually, dedicated to caring for a child with ADHD


Of parents of children with ADHD experience clinically significant anxiety

Up to $11K

Additional annual family costs for Healthcare and Education

6.1 million children & teens have an ADHD diagnosis in the US


Ziv Elul
Co-founder & CEO


Gili Avital-Lang
Co-founder & COO


Meir Amsellem
Co-founder & CTO

We understand. We've been there.

We're a dynamic team of entrepreneurial leaders, scientists and mental health providers, operations executives from NASDAQ-listed companies, all united in pioneering a new frontier in health tech innovation and strategy.

Putting families in the center. 

ADHD is as unique as each child, the strategies to navigate it should be equally unique. With a personalized touch, we aim to redefine the support experience by harnessing the incredible potential within your child and family.

Self-esteem is everything. 

We celebrate strengths, making sure you don't miss a moment in discovering the incredible journey that is raising a child with ADHD.

Power of the lived experience.

Drawing upon our lived experiences, we intimately grasp the intricate journey parents navigate. Pery strives to be more than a mere resource; it serves as a guiding light, illuminating milestones on this transformative journey.

Building resilience.

We blend skill-based learning with the wisdom of personal journeys, offering practical, evidence-driven strategies that resonate with children and parents.

Pery, our name, embodies the unconditional pride and love parents feel for their children. In Hebrew, פארי (pronounced ‘PEH–eh-ree’) roots from "my treasure," "my pride," and "health," guiding our commitment to empower children and families on their unique journey.

Our Experts

Pery is designed by clinical leaders in the ADHD field who specialize in the neurological, psychological and behavioral care of ADHD in children. 

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Clinical psychologist and expert in sleep and cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT). She is passionate about the translation of evidence-based care to the digital space, making it accessible to all.

Dr. Mairav Cohen-Zion

VP Science

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Child and adolescent psychiatrist with expertise in ADHD, Autism, and Sleep. She has dedicated her career to the dissemination of evidence-based care into wide scale clinical practice.

Dr. Margaret Weiss
Medical Advisor

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Child psychologist and founder and director of the PEARL clinic at Seattle Children's Hospital.  He specializes in personalized ADHD care throughout the lifespan. 


Dr. Mark Stein
Medical Advisor

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Occupational therapist and expert in parent training and cognitive and functional interventions for children and teens with ADHD.  She is focused on teaching child and parent self-advocacy. 

Dr. Orit Fisher
Parent Training Expert

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Our Investors

Our journey is supported by visionary investors who share our commitment to change, and transforming aspirations into achievements.

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As we continue to grow, we're seeking individuals with exceptional talent to join us on our mission to reshape the ADHD care landscape.

Join us to revolutionize the way parents navigate ADHD

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